Sunday, 16 February 2014

On the needles : Baby Knits

Oscar by Lili comme tout in Malabrigo Merino Worsted

Binic by Solenn Couix-Loarer in Indigo Moon Merino superwash

Raking Leaves (handspun) in Wollen Mills St. spinnin fiber (Merino superwash/Nylon)

[WIP] Ella Funt by Pamela Wynne in Anny Blatt Baby Blatt

[WIP] Evrim by Teresa Cole in Blue Moon Fiberarts Socks that Rocks Heavyweight

[WIP] Little Ivanhoe by Lena Gjerald in Fleece Artist Trail Sock, Earth colorway

I tried to post last week but a nasty, nasty cold took over our household (thanks to all your nice comments on Twitter!). Glad to feel better and to be able show you some of my baby knits!

I almost forgot to tell you that you can now follow me in Instagram. Lots of knitting and cats on the menu!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

On the needles : some of my WIPs

Even if we have been in our new place for over a year now, almost all my yarns and WIPs were stored in cardboard boxes. Many many boxes stored in the office, aka the "storage room".

Over the holiday break, we decided to empty the office and convert it in a nursery. We manage to get everything out without cluttering the other rooms. Let's just say that many trips to IKEA were made.

It meant that I had to sort, organise and manage my yarn stash. I had dreaded this moment, but I had no choice. I had to do it. It took one complete afternoon : Dear BF was at work, I put some music on, made myself a cup of tea and opened the first box. I sorted yarns, putting some away, donating others, keeping beloved skeins. I frogged WIPs, discovered unfinished yet gorgeous sweater that went in the "to finish" pile. I classified, stored and labeled storage boxes. It was easier and less dreadful that I imagined. It kinda brought my knitting mojo back.

It helped bring it back so much that I casted on for some serious projets that need knitting commitment. 

My Fair Isle baby blanket, using five colors of Knit Picks Palette. I know this one will take forever and might not be finished before baby arrives. Still I really love how it's turning out. Oh, and it's my pattern. AND I'm working a steek for the first time (aaah!).

My beekeeper's quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. Needless to say that this one too will take forever. I try not to think about how many hexipuffs (which are absolutely addictive to make) I will need to make the quilt. I just keep on making them with leftovers and underloved sock yarn skeins. You can see some of leftover handspuns too in the lot.

Don't be fooled, there is plenty of other WIPs on my needles. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello... I'm back?

Almost a year and a half since my last post. No notes, no explanations, I just kinda... vanished from the online knitting world. 

I just couldn't post or knit anymore. It was just getting out of hand, taking too much place in my life, and my coward solution was to just let it go, to get rid of it all at once. I needed to cut the cord, get away from it. I stopped knitting for several months after that. A feeling of shame? Yes, maybe. It took me 18 months to really want to come back, to reopen this page. To my surprise, it was just as I left it, nothing had change.

I have changed. I became more mature, more calm. I now have a new approche to knitting. It was such a big and overpowering part of my life that I had to really start over to enjoy it again, take pleasure in picking up my needles and casting on. It doesn't stress me anymore. I learned to say "no".

Okay, enough with the explanations. I'm back, and I want to be back, so why dwell and try to justify it? I just missed this blog so much in the last month that I feel at peace now. So, let's look at what happened in the last year and a half.

I got the dream job in a publishing house. Litterature, poetry, intellectual and creative publications. I love my job, my coworkers. My loving boyfriend and I moved in an amazing appartment in a dead end, street level, with a (relatively) big private yard in the back. We've been here for a little over than a year now and we love it. 

In fact, we love it enough to stay here and start... a family. Yes, a family. Here I am, with my 7 months pregnant belly. Our little boy is due on April 12th. We are absolutely thrilled!

Which leads me to what I knitted during my retreat for the online world. You can see me sporting my Elemental Boatneck Sweater, by Hannah Fettig, knitted in Knit Picks Comfy DK. It was knitted over the summer 2013 and got wore a lot. You can tell by the cat hair. 

I've knitted other things, not a lot. I knitted when I wanted to, no pressure. Those projects are for other blog posts. And I played piano (a long love story with playing piano that I don't think I've ever talked about...), started watercolor... I really enjoyed myself.

I plan on blogging more, every week, or as the projects are finished and as I have things to post. I already have ideas, which is a really nice feeling to have. See ya :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Giveaway : Winners!

You guys are all wonderful. Thank you so, so much for your amazing comments! It feels great to read each and every one of them. Are you ready to know who the winners are? Three lucky knitters will receive some wonderful goodies from Indigo Moon or Fleece Artist yarns through Mont Tricot, EveryPeacocks and Falling Stitches! 

Vous êtes tous et toutes merveilleux. Vos commentaires me touchent énormément! J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisirs à vous lire. Êtes-vous prêts pour le dévoilement des gagnants? Eh oui, trois chanceux(ses) auront la chance de gagner des joujoux d'Indigo Moon ou Fleece Artist par l'entremise de la boutique Mont Tricot, d'EverydayPeacocks et de Falling Stitches!

The winners... and their prizes!
Les gagnants... et leurs prix!!


#1 Sharmie Taffe-Fletcher!!!
"this is such a lovely giveaway! thank you so much for sharing with us all :D"

#2 Cindyjacobs58!!!
"Love it,Love it,great colors,great pattern,great giveways,Love the reds."

#3 Elizabeth Dhuey!!!
"Love the pattern! Amazing."
  • Aurore knitting pattern in .pdf in your Rav library;
  • Le modèle de tricot Aurore dans votre bibliothèque Ravelry.

Please contact me at fallingstitches[at]gmail[dot]com with your info to claim your prizes!

Veuillez m'écrire à l'adresse fallingstitches[at]gmail[dot]com pour réclamer votre prix!

Congratulations to the winners!
Félicitation aux gagnants!

Giveaway : Aurore

La version française suit ...

Falling Stitches, Mont Tricot, Indigo Moon and Everyday Peacocks  are excited to give away three wonderful prizes for three readers of this blog for the publication of Aurore, Falling Stitches' newest pattern! Tell your friends, put this on your Ttwitter and Facebook feeds. We want as many people as possible to know about this giveaway!

Just  enter a comment on this post to participate. On June 26th at midnight (Eastern time), we'll block the comments and randomly choose 3 winners.

This contest is opened to everyone. One participation per person per day will be accepted.


Falling Stitches, Mont TricotIndigo Moon et Everyday Peacocks sont fières de s'associer et de faire titrer 3 merveilleux prix pour 3 lecteurs de ce blogue pour la publication de notre nouveau patron: Aurore! Dites-le à tous vos ami(e)s, annoncez-le sur Facebook et Twitter. Nous voulons que le plus de gens possible puissent participer au concours!

C'est en fait bien simple. La seule chose que vous avez à faire pour gagner est de laisser un commentaire sur ce billet.  Le 26 juin, à minuit heure du Québec, nous bloquerons les commentaires et pigerons 3 commentaires au hasard. 

Le concours est ouvert à tous, lecteurs canadiens ET internationaux! Une participation par jour par personne est acceptée. 

The prizes! / Les prix!

First price : A free printed version of the Aurore pattern (deluxe version) + one skein of your choice among the one pictured below, courtesy of Mont Tricot yarn store! Who wouldn't want a skein of Indigo Moon Yarns or Fleece Artist?

Premier prix : Le patron imprimé «deluxe» de Aurore livré chez vous ET un écheveau de votre choix parmi les choix ci-bas, gracieusement offert par la boutique Mont Tricot! Qui n'aurait pas envie de remporter un écheveau d'Indigo Moon Yarns ou Fleece Artist?

Second price : A free Aurore pattern (PDF on Ravelry) and a set of stichholders and stitchmarkers from Everyday Peacocks! (picture below)

Deuxième prix : Le patron de Aurore gratuit (version PDF sur Ravelry) ET un jeu de marque-mailles+arrête-maille de Everyday Peacocks!

Third price : A free Aurore pattern (PDF on Ravelry)!

Troisième prix : Le patron de Aurore gratuit (version PDF sur Ravelry)!

We'll announce the winners on the blog the day after the contest ends (on the 27th). Be sure to check if you've win! 

Les chanceux seront dévoilés le mardi 27 juin, ici sur le blog. Soyez au rendez-vous!

Monday, 18 June 2012

New Design : Aurore

PDF - 4,00 $ USD

Yarn / Laine
Fingering weight / Laine à chaussette
100% Merino

Needles / Aiguilles
US 4 / 3.5mm

Gauge / Échantillon
36 sts/m = 4" / 10cm

La version française suit...

Aurore, you are dear to my heart. I deeply, deeply love this cowl and I am really, really excited to launch this pattern! Feminine, delicate, soft, light... like a knitted necklace! Worked in the round in a delicate cable-like pattern, Aurore is the perfect design to show off your fingering weight luxury yarn. I use some Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn, but I could see some Malabrigo sock, MadelineTosh, Indigo Moon yarns, Skein yarns and many more... One most precious, gorgeous skein of fingering weight yarn, some US 4/ 3.5mm needles and a lovely stitch marker, and that's it! You have a lovely Aurore cowl. I'm planning on knitting another one myself...

The pattern is in both English and French, both in PDF and printed version! New to the Falling Stitches products, printed patterns will slowly be for sale in my Etsy boutique and at Mont Tricot LYS (Sutton, Québec). Check them out! 

Stay tuned because very very soon, we have a amazing surprise for you... See you tomorrow! ;)


Aurore, chère Aurore, si près de mon coeur. J'adore ce col et c'est avec grand plaisir que je vous annonce la sortie de ce modèle. Féminin, délicat, doux, léger... tel un collier tricoté! Façonné en rond avec un motif de pseudo-torsades, Aurore est une création parfaite pour mettre en valeur vos luxueuses laines fines. J'ai utilisé de la Miss Babs Yummy Sock, mais j'en voudrais bien un en Malabrigo Sock, en MadelineTosh, en Indigo Moon ou en Skein yarns... Un écheveau de votre laine à chaussette chérie, des aiguilles 3.5mm et un mignon petit marque maille, et voilà! Vous vous retrouvez avec un joli col Aurore. Je zieute déjà un écheveau pour m'en faire un autre...

Le modèle est disponible en anglais et en français en version PDF et imprimée! Nouveaux chez Falling Stitches, les modèles imprimés sur du papier de qualité vont tranquillement voir le jour dans ma boutique Etsy et à la boutique Mont Tricot (Sutton, Québec). Jetez-y un coup d'oeil!

Ne vous éloignez pas trop, car nous avons une très belle surprise pour vous... à demain! ;)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Spin Me A Sweater : The First Singles - 269 days left

Spin Me A Sweater is a crazy idea. I challenge myself to spin and knit an entire adult size sweater... in a year... on my drop spindle. I told you, it's a crazy idea. And I'm crazy.
Spin Me A Sweater est une idée totalement folle. Je me suis lancé un defi : filer assez de laine pour pouvoir tricoter un chandail de taille adulte... en un an... sur mon fuseau. Je vous l'ai dit, c'est une idée folle. Et je suis folle.

La version française suit...

Almost 100 days went by since I challenge myself to spin enough yarn to knit an entire adult-size sweater. And where am I know? Only 3 singles in. I still have 21 to go. And 6 skeins to ply... 
Looking at that picture makes me realize that yes, I want to do it, that I love to spin, and that I miss it so much... 
I didn't realize that almost 100 days went by. I know I haven't spin a lot lately, but that many days? Really? I feel some sweat running down my back and pearling on my forehead...


Presque 100 jours sont passés depuis que je me suis lancé comme défi de filer assez de laine pour pouvoir tricoter un chandail de taille adulte. Et où en suis-je? Je n'ai que 3 mini écheveaux de filer sur 24, et il a 6 pelotes à plier...
En regardant cette photo, je réalise que oui, j'ai envie de le faire, que j'adore filer la laine, et que ça me manque terriblement...
Je n'ai jamais vu ces 100 jours passer. Je me doutais bien que je n'avais pas filer beaucoup ces derniers temps, mais pendant si longtemps? À ce point? Je sens de la sueur courir dans mon dos et perler sur mon front...

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